Enter of the world of Melbourne's Monday night secret society Jazz Party through their music video for 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard'  

Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 20-Oct-2016
Jazz Party's debut release 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' has sprouted the cameo-laden video, shot in a single take. Think New Orleans meets Twin Peaks. The down and outers, creeps, and party kids who'll never escape the neon nightmare. @secretjazzparty #secretjazzparty
Venue: The Curtin
Address: 29 Lygon Street, Carlton
Date: Monday 31 October
Time: Doors 8pm - late
Ticket: $20 / $25 at Door
Buy / Ticket: bit.ly/RRGY_SingleLaunchCurtin
: https://www.facebook.com/secretjazzparty/
"Recorded live with the full eight-piece band, there's an old world, scratchy record kind of feel to the track "“ the intoxicating fog of cigarette smoke, the gravely saxophone, the lingering deliberation of the percussion." - Happy

Directed by Leila Koren and Simone Page Jones, the video aesthetic is a nod to the iconic David Lynch and The Cohen Brothers, with an obvious Martin Scorsese and Orson Wells influence in the videos capture style. The clip also features a 'who's who' of special guest cameos, including Angus Leslie (Sex on Toast), Harry James Angus (The Cat Empire), Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange), Simone Page Jones (Miles and Simone) and Tracey Miller (The Dusty Millers).

Shot with 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' played in double time to be slowed down in editing for a dreamy, sinister feel, the clip is a frantic two-minute live performance with intricate timing and choreography. The magic was captured in the final take before the generator died. The 30 close friends who featured during the clip were given only one piece of advice - "Don't f**k it up!"

Aurally, 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' situates itself fittingly between both the jazz and soul realms with a combination of well timed vocal harmonies, clever brass instrumentation and blue as blue lyrical matter. 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' is a song about nostalgia, death, jealousy, and love:

"After hearing RRGY, someone told me about a gothic church in Prague that's been built with human bones. You can build a song from things you find and dig up in life and music. A moon, a girl... Sometimes you find some bones and other times you just dig a hole for yourself to lie down in...I wrote this song when my heart and bank account were empty and I'm pretty happy with It." - Darcy McNulty, Saxophonist.

Growing from the lounge rooms of late night house parties to month long residencies throughout the city of Melbourne, over the past five years Jazz Party has held court at some of the most exciting and unexpected venues in town, but will return to their spiritual home of The Curtin to officially launch 'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' this Halloween with Tanzer and Laneous performing a solo set, along with DJs China Bone and Wondercore Island's DJ Percy Valentine.

'Rock N' Roll Graveyard' Single Launch

The Curtin "“ 29 Lygon Street, Carlton
Monday 31 October (Cup Eve/Halloween)
+ Tanzer, Laneous (solo set), DJs China Bone and DJ Percy Valentine.
Doors 8pm - late
Tickets on sale now via bit.ly/RRGY_SingleLaunchCurtin
$20 / $25 at Door

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