En Salon

Susan Gibson | 11-Aug-2016
Selected drawings from tutors and students of Cambridge Studio Gallery's Life Drawing courses: Cassandra Barrett, Richard Birmingham, Jennifer Gough, Margaret Gurney, Michael Neve, Linda Robertson and Tanleea Valastro
Venue: Cambridge Studio Gallery
Address: 52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood, Victoria.
Date: 24 August to 11 September, 2016
Time: Weds to Suns, 12 to 5pm
Ticket: Free
Web: www.cambridgestudiogallery.com.au
: https://www.facebook.com/events/950227938439831/
EMail: info@cambridgestudiogallery.com.au
Call: 03 9486 0169
Unititled, Margaret Gurney
Cambridge Studio Gallery runs tutored Life Drawing courses that nurture and develop skill, as well as build critical thinking and creativity. Regular rotation of talented tutors offers students varied approaches to drawing and opportunities to develop new skills.

En Salon is a celebration of the skill and process of life drawing. Included works are exceptional examples of charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel, graphite and watercolour on paper. Fresh off the easel, these works are beautiful observations of the human form, lyrical and sensuous.

More about our Tutors:

Richard Birmingham founded the Melbourne Studio School 1998 and has exhibited extensively for over 20 years. His unique style is a direct response to the statement that "painting is dead", he has dedicated his artistic pursuits to exploring the language of mark making both with drawings and paintings. He is a very popular art teacher with a special ability and generosity to impart knowledge and nurture creativity.

Margaret Gurney is a former teacher with the National Gallery of Victoria and many other art schools. Her contemporary style emphasizes shape, form and spontaneous, sensuous line.

Margaret frequently works directly from life, whether painting outdoors or from a model. In the studio these are transformed into larger or more finished paintings.

Winner of numerous Art prizes Margaret is represented in collections around the world. Her career includes 23 Solo exhibitions and numerous Selected Group Exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2009 Margaret was invited to represent Australia at the Florence Biennale and again in 2011/ 13/15.

Linda Robertson teaches life drawing, general drawing and printmaking to adults at her studio, and also works in schools with senior students.

'My figure drawings are made by covering paper with several layers of coloured pastel, which are then covered by a layer of charcoal... A life model exerts a great deal of energy and effort in holding a motionless position; I try to use line and tone dynamically to express the energy contained within this stillness. I am trying to draw moments of human presence in illuminated space."

Tanleea Valastro is a visual artist & improvisational dancer, who approaches drawing with a sensitive, free-form style that taps into the spiritual, rhythmic and meditative side of drawing.

This free-form style of painting is a continuous exploration partly created through her ecstatic dance studies in pure improvisation.

Tanleea describes her work as drawn texture, hand painted - not poured. The line work paintings are reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy. Requiring a certain level of discipline & almost psychic sensitivity to create organic lines that bridge the gap between the ethereal state & physical form. Tanleea also runs "Live Art" workshops for parties and events.

24 August to 11 September, 2016
Opening drinks: Saturday 27 August. 2 to 4pm

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