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Published by: ArtSHINE Gallery with Comics Guild Group | 16-Oct-2017
"Sydney-based illustrator and recent graduate of a Bachelor of Visual Arts at USYD's College of the Arts (majoring in Printmedia). Emily Woods' distinctive art style of character comics focuses on a shared experience of the everyday occurrences. This vivid imagination aided her throughout adolescence as she developed her illustrating skills and experimented with animated storytelling. Her childhood developed through consistent animated Disney movie marathons and receiving participant ribbons from primary school athletic carnivals."
Venue: Comics Guild Group
Ticket: Free
Buy / Ticket: http://bit.ly/2yLCIHY
Web: http://bit.ly/2xKojXL
: http://bit.ly/2yOiNrZ
"Clearly not destined for sports, " Woods explored the visual arts from a small age and developed a distinct style that reflects her own personality: scatter-brained, comedic and entertaining to look at. By exaggerating gestures, storylines and focusing on the mundane, she hopes to create a witty collective response through an audience's own personal resemblance to the subject matter conveyed.

A lot of Woods' work hold subtle references to popular film culture as a foot in the door to get people's attention but also because she enjoys these references. Woods always has a sketchbook and pencil on her at all times in cases of pure aspiration or boredom while waiting for that darn Sydney bus that will never come. Dividing time between both traditional and digital drawing mediums, Woods enjoys the method of drawing as a way to fully communicate thoughts and emotions. With skills exploring storyboarding, character design, handlettering, zine publications and other neat things, Woods' only aspiration was to become an illustrator (besides that time when she was 6 and wanted to be a Disney Princess) as this is when she believes her full potential is open and adores working with other people on artistic collaborations and being inspired by one another." All Content Credit to Vin Van Lam

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