Emerging Artist with Autism Launches Solo Exhibition Campaign

Published by: Patrick Samuel | 26-Jul-2017
Escape and Return to premiere at the Dugdale Centre on November 7th, 2017
My name is Patrick Samuel and I am autistic and for the past 7 months I"ve been doing daily art therapy to help me manage my somewhat complex and challenging condition. The art therapy has been working wonders. I"ve all but stopped headbanging when I get overloaded. I can talk more about things I"m feeling, such as emotions. I can relax a lot better when I"m engaged in something I"m passionate about.

The resulting art has been helping me socially too. It"s something I can converse with people about and create a back and forth dialogue around. It"s getting me out a lot more and I"m trying to overcome the anxiety of being out and among people by placing myself at festivals and exhibitions where I can showcase my work, and I"ve been doing talks too about the benefits of art therapy.

I"ve launched a fantastic Kickstarter campaign to fund my first solo exhibition at the Dugdale Centre, running for a month in November. Titled "Escape and Return" it"s designed to be an immersive experience that digs deep down to show what it"s like living with Asperger"s, focusing on sensory issues, relationships, family and employment.

Here"s the link to the campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aspergerartist/escape-and-return

Funds will be used to cover the cost of art materials (paints, pastels, canvases, fixatives) and to cover printing and framing costs. There are incredible rewards on offer, in limited quantities, and they"re exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign, so when you pledge your support, you"ll be getting something very personal and very special.

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