Ella Baché Collaborates with Melbourne abstract artist to create its 2020 Christmas Gifting Collection

Published by: Copyright Agency | 27-Oct-2020
One of Australia's most iconic and well-known skincare brands, Ella Baché, has teamed up with Melbourne-based abstract artist Fern Siebler to design the packaging of their 2020 Christmas Collection.
Ella Baché releases a collection of gift packs each Christmas, and this year, it was inspired by the artwork of Fern Siebler and enlisted the support of the Copyright Agency to licence her artwork.

The Copyright Agency is Australia's national copyright licensing organisation for the publishing, media, surveying and visual arts industries, and now represents more than 13,000 Australian and New Zealand artists and 40,000 international artists through global partners.

Copyright Agency CEO Adam Suckling says that at a time when Australia's creative community is struggling, this collaboration is a shining example of how brands can engage with artists to both support and celebrate our nation's extraordinary talent.

Katherine Eleyce, Ella Baché's Communications and Content Manager, says the brand is always looking for innovative ways to showcase its product, especially during the special Christmas period.

We just loved the way Fern's colourful artwork represents Australia's unique landscape, and her representation of the land and ocean in abstract form is warm, enticing and captures the essence of an Australian summer, she says.

Copyright Agency's Visual Arts Business Development Manager, Arlette Martin, explains that the agency's involvement ensured the collaboration followed best practice.

Our role was to explain the process to Fern, what licensing means and to negotiate the fees, terms and conditions on her behalf and in collaboration with Ella Baché, says Ms Martin.

A key focus is to protect the artist and the reproduction of their artwork throughout the process, from concept to in-store delivery. Together with Ella Baché we have created an agreement that is fair and reasonable, with all parties feeling respected and happy with the outcome.

Fern Siebler says she was thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic skincare brand.

It feels surreal, as I have always known Ella Baché, but I never imagined that my artwork would one day end up on their packaging. It is exciting to be working with such an established brand and I have no doubt I'll continue to look back and be incredibly proud and grateful for this opportunity, says Ms Siebler.

I always hope that my artwork makes people feel positive about themselves. Art, for me, means forming connection, whether through nature, emotion, memory, self or home, and the Ella Baché brand helps people feel connected to themselves. Together, our brands resonate well with one another as we both encourage confidence and empowerment, adds Ms Siebler.

Ella Baché has a uniquely Australian story. As the oldest family owned skincare company in Australia, Ella Baché is proudly a family run business created by Madame Baché in Paris, 1936, with the philosophy because no two skins are alike. In 1954, Edith Hallas, a Beauty Therapist and cousin to Madame Baché, brought Ella Baché to Australia and went on to create one of Australia's most enduring and respected skincare companies, now available in more than 150 stores nationwide.

The Ella Baché gift packs featuring Fern Siebler's artwork will be released on October 26, 2020.

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