Ecce (H)omo, Warriors: new performance art and film as a "soul art piece"

Published by: Peter Dolloway | 5-Jul-2016
A new wonderful work of the international performance artist and director Kyrahm.
Address: Falletti's Palace /Rome/Italy
Performance art differs from traditional theater in its rejection of a clear narrative, use of random or chance-based structures, and direct appeal to the audience. The past few years Kyrahm has seen an explosion of interest in body art, but this new performance art work is a "soul art piece" about fragility and different forms of love.

A series of actions came to life in different rooms at the historical barocco Falletti's Palace. Blood donators, queer activists, proud disabled artists in one of the most important examples of noble residence of the city.

Despite the disease Pepijoy gave a message of hope, Fulvia looked herself and observed the passing time in a mirror.

Voice had a big role: Kyoko the Japanese soprano who sang Hendel's aria "Lascia ch'io pianga" while Kyrahm and Nicola Fornoni played a melting tableaux vivant pity. "¨

In another room, Lilli Quitadamo, a lesbian woman listened the voice of her loved dead wife near a baby with Imma, one of her two mothers, and audience couldn't help but burst into tears.

This stunning performance will be part of a video art project and film by the director and author Kyrahm. Camera and editing Julius Kaiser.

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