EARTH Art Exhibition by Colour City Creatives

Published by: Colour City Creatives | 9-Mar-2021
The EARTH Art Exhibition explores the CCC artists experience and engagement with their surroundings. The landscape we live in, here in the central west of NSW informs our every day, through each phase of the moon, each turning of the earth. We have what is rare in Australia, here in Orange we have the four seasons. Seasons changing and challenging us, like the fires of 2019, the ecological crisis of the earth and the worldwide economic crisis of covid, this environment is experienced and imagined by our artists and expressed in their art.
Venue: PoP uP Galery @ the old Silmac Building
Address: 49 - 52 Peisley Street, Orange NSW 2800, Australia
Date: Friday 9 - Sunday 11 April and Friday 16 - Sunday 18 April 2021
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
Ticket: free
Call: 02 6362 7354

No matter who we are, no matter where we are, we have one thing in common, Earth. It is what we walk on, it is what feeds us. The earth feeds us with the food we find and grow, it feeds our psych and soul. When you live in the landscape as we do in the country, you see and feel it, you smell and hear it. It nourishes our bodies and our minds.

The ground we walk on here in central NSW, the landscape that surrounds us, the climate, the weather is what makes local art unique. There is an inextricable bond to the landscape that artists express through their art and CCC artists express this in their many disciplines.

In paintings inspired by landscape, colour and texture, photographs that capture a moment of time, digital art combining landscape and imagination, weavings using local or found materials, pottery created in the textures of the landscape, glass works glistening with the colours of the seasons.

We are a group based in country Australia, yet connected to everyone here on earth, technology does that. Strangely Covid has brought everyone on earth a little closer together. Because right now we are all going through the same thing: covid, climate change, economic crisis and a sense of ecological crisis, all of our own making.

The CCC bunch love the adventure of living in Orange, the drenching colours of autumn, the gentleness of Spring after winter's monochromatic beauty the bounty that our earth produces and as a bonus we get a free trip around the Sun, every year.

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