Published by: Jessica Papst | 1-Nov-2016
Ukrainian Youtube sensation Lenka has millions of followers, but it only takes one to ruin her life. When a troller's comment suggests she should join Russian boyband breakaway Boris and enter the Eurovision song contest as a duo, the whole internet gets behind the bid. Unwillingly thrust together, but facing overwhelming and unrelenting support, all Lenka and Boris have to do is ride the viral tide, unite their two countries in song and WIN the Eurovision song contest. How hard could it possibly be?
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Pl, Melbourne
Date: 7-11 December 2016
Time: 7pm (exc Friday@6pm)
Ticket: from $25
Buy / Ticket: https://thebutterflyclub.com/show/the-road-to-stockholm
: www.facebook.com/theroadtostockholm
EMail: theroadtostockholmcabaret@gmail.com
A politically inaccurate spy cabaret featuring a Russian and a Ukrainian pop singer on a mission to create the ultimate Eurovision song. "¨

Only the true glitterazzi live the sparkly, sequiny, trash-tastic Eurovision life; and Ukranian Lenka Polyenka is not one of them. How her YouTube channel (of mainly Roxette covers) has not lit up the Eurovision Contest like a rainbow glitter cannon, she will never quite understand.

Meanwhile in Russia, mascara streams down the faces of distraught fans as boyband heartthrob Boris Eduardovich announces his sweeping exit from uber-group Links und Rechts (a bold career move thwarted only by the four albums and a Christmas special left on his recording contract).

Lenka's channel is smeared with controversy as her German rival suggests she's been lip-syncing. If the troller's are right, her redemption lies in teaming up with Boris. The viral tide thrusts the pair together and the pressure to snatch victory at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm is palpable.

Both have something to gain and everything to lose. As much as they may not like the idea, these two poptastic divas need each other. Can Boris and Lenka master the key- change in time for the reveal and rocket to stratospheric Eurovision victory?

From the magnificent minds of soul songstress Jessica Papst (Only the Good Die Young, Carole King: The Songbook of Her Life) and comic piano man Matt! (Oz Boy, Crocodile Rock, ABBA Live) comes the politically inaccurate cabaret of the Summer: THE ROAD TO STOCKHOLM, featuring the music of Roxette, The Vengaboys, Gina G and more mirrorball classics. 

Crank the annoyingly-catchy beat, throttle the wind machine, pour a fruity cocktail and strut your stuff down THE ROAD TO STOCKHOLM. It's going to be an outrageous ride.

From 7-11 December.

Bookings recommended.

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