Published by: Aidan McLaughlin | 26-Apr-2019
Jason (Emmet Kirwan) is a wannabe DJ on another drug-fueled weekend in the '90's Dublin rave scene. Somewhere between the DJ's, decks and drug-busts he stumbles across a familiar face from the past - his junkie brother Daniel. The two brothers have more in common than they think.
Dublin Oldschool is a look into the chaotic lifestyle of wannabe DJ Jason (Emmet Kirwan), and the drug-fueled Dublin rave scene of the 90's. Jason sets out on a bender weekend filled with drug busts and old school dance music when he reconnects with his drug addicted brother in a bizarre turn of events.

Adapted from an acclaimed play by Kirwan, aspiring DJ Jason (Kirwan) teeters on the brink of self-destruction. This is down to his hard-partying lifestyle, whose life revolves around 'the session', but who is surprisingly stopped in his tracks by a chance encounter with his homeless, heroin-addicted brother Daniel (Ian Lloyd Anderson) after years without any contact.

Over the course of a bank holiday weekend, the two take the first steps towards reconnecting, reminiscing over better times and tunes, while Jason juggles his various social engagements, including a possible breakthrough gig, in this lively and kinetic film. The two brothers have more in common than they think.

This film gets a late night slot on the program and is introduced by writer/director Dave Tynan who will talk about the film / theatre / club crossover culture in Ireland which is spear-headed by Emmet Kirwan and Panti Bliss.

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