Dream Baby Dreams by Alf Klimek

Published by: Dream Baby Dreams | 17-May-2017
At Dream Baby Dreams we"ve created soothing, classically inspired music; at the same time utilizing White Noise, Heartbeats, Nature and sound impulses based on Isochronic Tones. It"s calm, slow and hypnotic. Babies just fall asleep when listening to this.

Dream Baby Dreams by Alf Klimek

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Dream Baby Dreams - CD Playtime: 55:24

01 Good Night Sleep Tight
02 Springvale Rain
03 Danielle"s Song
04 Australian Land and Sea
05 Bruny Island
06 The Beating Heart

Listen to Teaser

Good Night sleep Tight

Springvale Rain

Danielle's Song

Bruny Island 

About Dream Baby Dreams

The womb is a muffled place and the volume of sound a mother"s body produces is rather loud (90db). That isn"t a rock concert but it is loud. You can play Dream Baby Dreams at a descent, comfortable volume and it"s also been designed for parents to enjoy as well.

You can play this music before your baby is born.

The room should be darkened… In a way you could say we"re trying to recreate something akin to the womb environment. Safe, nurturing, all encompassing.

The object in Dream Baby Dreams is to relax your baby, from new born until 18 months with sound and atmospheres that he or she heard in the womb or at least can identify with from the womb. This has been intricately woven together with classical instruments and warm, simple melodies.

Through his compositional skills and experience with pre school children"s music, which he always instilled with positive and caring messages, Alf Klimek has created something that he never thought would come out. It sat on the shelf for seven years but when his wife started working at a children"s daycare center he made a copy for her. He thought it might help. The reaction was nothing short of amazing. In the babies room they just went to sleep in minutes, and after a week or so as soon as that music came on it was like a signal and they"d immediately start settling. He tried it with other friends who had newborn babies and the reaction was always the same… time to bring this out… and here it is.

We start with a heartbeat slower than 120 beats per minute and then a song is sung to get baby"s attention. After that it"s a constant stream specifically designed melodies and slow moving soundscapes, for a total of 55 minutes. There are no nursery rhymes, minimal high-pitched sounds and lots of warm timbre instruments (that vibrate with warm harmonics).

About Alf Klimek

Alf Klimek has been writing, directing and producing Music and story CD"s for children since 1997 with sales well in excess of 600,000 in Europe.

With an earlier background in pop and rock music, theatre and puppetry he has written and performed to acclaim in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Alf Klimek: "I always try to engender a feeling of safety and security which is the most important thing for every child. They want to feel loved and safe. It"s what I"ve always done in children"s music and stories. This is an extension of the same principle… just for babies.

However babies are a blank canvas. They don"t react from experience outside the womb. They can only react from what they knew before they were born… and when mum was relaxed, so were they".

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