Dream Baby Dreams

Published by: Morgan Harding / La Trobe University | 7-Jul-2016
Meet Alf Kilmek and get involved in the beautiful, musical world of Dream Baby Dreams! #music
Babies just fall asleep when listening to this' is the perfect tagline.

Dream Baby Dreams is a beautiful infusion of melody and nature with the specific purpose to put babies to sleep.

Alf Klimek is the mastermind behind this project with a varied background in puppetry and children song writing and composing.

Working with Klaus Baumgart on the audio-book productions of the Laura's Star series and selling over 600,000 children CDs, Klimek is no stranger to figuring the workings of children's minds.

He admits he has a childlike manner.

"I can remember when I was a kid and exactly how I felt. I have a connection to how children feel about things."

Klimek began Dream Baby Dreams several years ago as an interest project. He never thought it could amount to anything until his wife used a track at her workplace and the response was miraculous. The children fell asleep almost instantaneously.

Parents and professionals alike responded quickly. Klimek quickly found everyone wanted a copy of the track which inspired him to create more.

Dream Baby Dreams was born.

The secret to the music's success is using isochronic tones and heartbeat fused with natural white-noise. Staying in the delta drowsiness range, Klimek raises the levels to 30-80 hertz and uses a pulse noise with equal times on and off.

The track 'Springvale Rain' shows these strategies perfectly. It does not follow any set chord or timing structure within the composure of the melody, but simply goes by feel.

The music is solely wrapped around the nature.

Klimek is fascinated by the concept of infant sleeping patterns and what it is that creates slumber. "[Babies] are an open book. They don't understand anything yet. There are no preconceptions. That's the question. What can I do to create sleep?

"As a composer I've kind of dropped by the wayside. I'm finding a whole new life in an area that I can extend."

Dream Baby Dreams has already been a success with everyone that uses it. Klimek has stayed humble and says the creating is the best part.

"For people in music, it's the creating. It's the doing you really live for.

"Seeing it come to life. Watching your baby being born and grow and seeing the response really blows you away."

A German version of Dream Baby Dreams is currently in the works.

The CD will be published on iTunes and Google Play shortly and is currently available online at: http://www.artnewsportal.com/music

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