Published by: Danae Effern | 8-Feb-2017
Domini Forster is fast-establishing herself as one of Melbourne"s brightest new voices in modern folk. The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is currently preparing to release her debut album. Hovering deftly in the breathless spaces between light and dark, Raven is an unfeigned paean to the Shadow. #dominiforstermusic
Steeped in melody and awash with ornate chamber arrangements, the album was produced by indie "it kid" Nick Huggins (Kid Sam; Hello Satellites; Oscar + Martin), and recorded in the fading light of late Summer at the sleepy coastal village of Point Lonsdale.

The album"s first single "Then You Stop" is surprisingly sanguine despite broaching darker themes. Angelic coos of backing vocals dip and sway above an acoustic guitar. Clear and fragile chimes of upright piano form, like drops of condensation on a window-pane. Strings swell with orchestral drum rolls, driving the track as it opens into a joyful indie-pop outro, with Forster declaring, arms outstretched, "I wish you were here so I could hold you / and tell you the things your mother told you"¦"

The album showcases Forster"s distinctive vocal which shifts effortlessly from a commanding, reverb-laden call to a lilting, whisper-close falsetto. It"s no wonder the elfin songwriter is earning comparisons to the likes of Laura Marling, Sufjan Stevens and Joni Mitchell.

Forster grew up in the rolling hills of Byron Bay, born into an unusually artistic family. Her mother is a filmmaker and fine artist, while her father has a background in theatre, the performing arts and clowning. At age 8 she took up the violin, with piano, guitar, and various other string instruments following in time. Teenage-hood opened her eyes to a new realm of eclectic musical worlds - from 60s and 70s folk balladeers, to Led Zeppelin, Queen, Polyphonic Spree, The Mountain Goats, pop phenomenon Destiny"s Child and the poetic flow of rap music.

"I"ve always loved language and storytelling", she explains. "And I"ve always been a bit introspective and philosophical too; prone to analysing my experience of being human and thinking about big questions. For me, songwriting provided an avenue to explore these ideas - happiness, purpose and connection - while playing with language and sound."

In 2012, Forster graduated from Melbourne Polytechnic with a Bachelor of Music, having won their Songwriter of the Year award. She wasted no time in making a strong impression on the local music scene with her debut EP Little Dreamer, produced by Tony Buchen (Montaigne; Washington). A festival favourite, she has played The Sydney Road Street Party, Mullum Music Festival, and Happy Wanderer, to name just a few.

In 2013, Forster was hand-picked by renowned Australian songwriter Lior to support on his national tour. A strong creative friendship formed over 60+ shows across the country, and Lior eventually invited Forster to sing onstage beside him at the Opera House, accompanied by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. When the time came for Lior to tour again in 2015, he not only enlisted Forster as support artist, but invited her to join his band - performing at such iconic venues as The Enmore Theatre in Sydney, and Melbourne"s Athenaeum.

More touring is on the cards this March - this time under her own banner - as Forster takes to the road to promote the release of her debut album Raven.



Thurs 9th Feb - Camelot Lounge, Marrickville, Sydney NSW w/ Lior
Fri 10th Feb - Blue Mountains Theatre, Springwood NSW w/ Lior
Sat 11th Feb - Lizottes, Newcastle NSW w/ Lior
Sun 12th Feb - Laycock Street Theatre, Gosford NSW w/ Lior


1st March - The Fly Trap, Fremantle WA (double headline with James Kenyon)
5th March - Nannup Music Festival, WA
9th March - The Milk Factory, Brisbane QLD w/ O' Little Sister
10th March - Poinciana, Mullum NSW w/ Phoebe Sanger
16th March - Django Bar, Sydney NSW w/ Leroy Lee
23rd March - Toff in Town, Melbourne VIC

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