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DIY Marketing Masterclass for Creatives

BY Colour Box Studio | 27-Oct-2015
Do you work from home? Are you a creative business owner or independent artist? Do you freelance? This workshop will guide you through simple steps to reach your audience on a shoestring budget.
DIY Marketing Masterclass for Creatives with Colour Box Studio

Do you work from home? Are you a creative business owner or independent artist? Do you freelance? Are you an aspiring arts manager?

The creative industries is a tough world. How do we navigate the arts in way where we can build sustainable independent creative practices? Sometimes a little self-marketing can be a BIG help but this can be a scary prospect! With a few simple steps, it’s totally achievable.

This is an introductory workshop that will delve into:

  • how to build a community of supporters, customers and participants for your art, brand, work;
  • how to you engage your audience;
  • how to market your creative practice on a shoestring budget.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to find your audience;
  • Websites: how do you make your own and maintain it OR if you have one already how it can be improved;
  • Pricing: How do I find my price point?, How much should I charge per hour?;
  • Facebook – pages, groups, posts and events. How are they different? How do I reach my audience?;
  • Instagram & Newsletters: we’ll take a look at the Mailchimp platform;
  • How to Write a Media Release and find the contacts to send it to;
  • DIY Events/ Workshops Promo;
  • Design & Photography tips for your profile photos, marketing, fliers & social media;
  • The possibilities of crowdfunding.

Take aways:

  • knowledge, handouts & resource lists;
  • get behind the scenes to see how an independent arts business does it;
  • meet other Melbourne creatives!

This Colour Box Studio Masterclass has a maximum of five participants so that you will receive a quality workshop experience. Participants will complete a survey before attending the workshop so that it can best serve the needs of attendees.