Discovering artistic self-portraiture on country

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 8-Dec-2022
Students in the Yandeyarra community explored numerous visual art mediums and created layered self portraits guided by two AWESOME Artists for Creative Challenge 2022.
One of the final artworks created on residency.
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During Term 3, artists-in-residence Sete Tele and Ryan Naga travelled to Yandeyarra on Karriyarra country to deliver a two-week Creative Challenge program. Students from Yandeyarra Remote Community School experimented with Drawings, Paintings, Mono Prints, Self portraits, and impromptu landscapes. This residency was proudly supported by BHP.

Participants worked on various canvases with different materials to explore the Creative Challenge 2022 theme of ‘wonder’, and used this theme to explore self-portraiture. Art mediums included using painting, drawing and some experimental landscape pieces based around their time of being on country. Participants took turns getting their portrait drawn and creating portraits by the visiting artists - allowing them to see how they were reflected through another person’s eyes and art medium. The children expressed a freedom in discovering numerous different techniques, textures and artistic experiences during their Creative Challenge residency.

“The kids really took ownership by experimenting with various colours and the amount of paint applied. The works that were created were very cool in their breadth of texture and hue! (This) process allowed a freedom in movement and expression.” The artists Sete and Ryan said

At the end of the two-week residency the artworks were compiled and celebrated by being showcased at the school. A gathering of parents, nannas and grandpops attended and were guided through the exhibition by the young artists who were very proud to show off their work.

Some quotes from participants:

This is mine, I made This! – about her painting depicting country - Alexis

Look, this a beautiful colour – exploring paints and surfaces - Molly

I want to be an artist when I am older - Mahlia

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