Destinies, Cultures and Ages Clash in Thrilling new Australian Debut Novel - Invitation

Published by: Sirmai Arts Marketing | 10-Jan-2017
Destinies Clash in Thrilling Debut Novel - ERINLAND. Ancient Norwegian and Irish mythology meet the contemporary world head-on in a thrilling new Australian fantasy novel. Erinland, by new Sydney writer Kathryn Berryman, sets two troubled young adults as key players in a deadly game that spans the 21st century and the Viking Age. With its themes of self-discovery and empowerment, Erinland has inspiring lessons for contemporary youth looking for a sense of belonging in their world.
Amy, finding it difficult to "fit in", becomes increasingly obsessed with the virtual reality game Erinland. The Virtual Reality (VR) characters and the "Mist of Erin" begin to invade Amy"s dreams - and then her waking moments. She finds herself drawn into Erinland in 9th century Ireland. Amy becomes part of this mystical world as she joins in the struggle to defeat the Viking raiders.

Richard has a complicated home life and feels he doesn"t belong anywhere.

A series of events leave him desperate and living on the streets, when he is dragged into 9th century Norway by a mystical Viking warrior. Richard finds acceptance with the Vikings and joins them on a colonisation raid to Ireland.

Choices they both make could mean the difference between life and death as the consequences of decisions in the game reach into their "real" lives.

Searching for acceptance and self-belief, the central characters of Erinland go on a voyage of personal development and discovery that is universal in its themes and scope - and has inspiring lessons for our own contemporary youth. In keeping with the novel"s theme, Kathryn is donating 10% of every copy sold to support Father Chris Riley"s "Youth Off the Streets."

When visiting Trinity College in Dublin, Kathryn Berryman found herself returning to one particular book - the Book of Kells. Drawn by its primal beauty and curious to explore her own Irish heritage, she found the illuminated work fascinating, worthy of admiration and respect. Kathryn had no idea that this experience would eventually lead her to write the fantasy novel, Erinland. Through career, parenthood and family life, Erinland receded into the mist, biding its time. However, once her children finished school and began their adult lives, Kathryn delved back into the world of Erinland and - like it its characters - soon found herself drawn in! The remembered stories from her childhood prompted a visit to Ireland which in turn fired her own quest finally to bring Erinland to life.

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