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Design education initiative for primary school children - 24 hours to help get Object's 2012 Design Emergency campaign across the line!

BY Object - Australia Design Centre | 05-Nov-2012
Object believes in the power of design to effect positive change. We recognise there is an opportunity to teach children creativity and design thinking skills so they will be able to deal with the problems of the future. Our outreach education program, Design Emergency, can empower children to change their world for the better. But we need your help to do it!


Design Emergency is Object's outreach education program, striving to create a generation of design thinkers and expert problem solvers.

It takes designers into schools, providing students and teachers with a first hand understanding of what design is and how it relates to everything that we do. It provides the skills to create their own individual ways of living and working. Here is the link to watch the video and make a pledge to support us!

Donations can be as small as $ 5.00 and a tax receipt for your donation is available if you don't select one of the "prizes" - but many find the prizes too tempting!

The funds will support DESIGN EMERGENCY, an education program in schools to teach design thinking to primary school kids in a fun way.

We know there are so many causes we all support - but even a small donation to support this get across the line will help.