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BY Higher Plains | 19-May-2015
For something that claims to look both toward the future and back to the past, it seems only fitting for it to be rife with contradiction. Ella Thompson’s debut album Janus, which takes the name from the Roman God, is an assertive foray into the rocky road of maturation. #EllaThompsonMusic @THEHigherPlains #THEHIGHERPLAINS @ellathompson89
Thompson translates this perfectly into song, with her lyrical inflections shifting between uncertain mutters, husky ruminations and empowered bellows. Her electro-melancholy piles in as much optimism as it can muster without forgetting a necessary dose of reality.

The first two singles from the album; the outer-space gloss of ‘Arcade’, and the pure pop of ‘I Go Over’ hint at an impressive body of solo work, for an artist who has made a reputation as a stellar collaborator. Ella’s solo material is produced by Aria award-nominee John Castle who has a golden ear for identifying incredible talent (East, Washington, Gossling) and draws on a rich range of influences such as Hitchcock, Brian Eno, St Vincent, Grimes and a hint of The Shangri-las.

As Thompson’s output is so prolific, with her debut solo album perhaps it is best to say little and allow Janus to open the next chapter.