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Deanna Fleysher in Butt Kapinski

BY Simone Flanagan | 07-Mar-2016
A Film Noir installation fantasy staring the entire audience. Butt Kapinski is funny,filthy, fully-interactive and riddled with shadows, sin, sex, and violence - just like any good murder mystery. Men become whores, women become abusers, as Butt puppeteers the audience on a gender-bending ride - lit only by the angler fish style lamp above the characters head. @micomfestival #melbournecomedy @melbcomedyfestival
Venue: Tuxedo Cat
Date: 23 Mar – 17 Apr
Time: 7.15pm
Ticket: $19-$24
Web: www.comedyfestival.com.au/
: twitter.com/micomfestival
: www.facebook.com/melbournecomedy
: www.instagram.com/melbcomedyfestival/
Deanna Fleysher, director/co-writer of internationally renowned Red Bastard, smashes through boundaries of gender stereotypes and what it means to be an audience member is this uniquely-staged ‘murder mystery’. Following extensive seasons in the US and Canada, and a successful Edinburgh Festival Fringe in2015 - Butt Kapinski is set to take Australia by surprise in 2016.

BEST OF FEST: Edmonton Fringe 2014, Calgary Fringe 2014, Hollywood Fringe 2013 WINNER: STAFF PICK, Edmonton Fringe 2014, VOLUNTEERS’ CHOICE AWARD and CULTCH AWARD, Vancouver Fringe 2013



★★★★ "This is not audience participation, this is immersive comedy like you have never experienced. And we love it.” - Kate Copstick, THE SCOTSMAN

★★★★ "All the noir tropes are present and transformed: the street lamp that cuts through the darkness is affixed to Butt like a third eye... A raucous and raunchy thrill ride.” - THE LIST

Deanna Fleysher Bio

Deanna is a comedy artist, teacher and director. Inspired by clown, bouffon, improv and physical theater, she cultivates comedy that is interactive and brave. She currently tours with her award-winning solo show Butt Kapinski, and teaches workshops at comedy schools across North America, including the PIT in NYC and the Institution in Austin. She is also the director/co-writer of Red Bastard, the internationally-acclaimed bouffon show. She leads the ongoing Naked Comedy Lab in Los Angeles and around the world.

Venue: Tuxedo Cat
Dates: 23 Mar – 17 Apr
Time: 7.15pm
Tickets: $19-$24
Bookings: Tixnofee or http://www.comedyfestival.com.au/