Danae Effern | 10-Jul-2017
Davey Lane has been honing his craft for quite a while now - working in the studio and on stage with artists such as Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes, Robyn Hitchcock, Masters" Apprentices, The Saints as well as legendary Australian rock group You Am I, with whom he has been standing stage right on lead guitar since 1999. Years of learning from many local and international songwriting greats have seen Davey himself grow in turn as a songwriter, with a smart pop sensibility, a keen ear for a big chorus and a surreal turn of phrase.
The culmination of his apprenticeship sees Davey emerge, after months of solitary nocturnal pottering in his Headley Garage studio, with his second full length LP. Entitled I"m Gonna Burn Out Bright, it"s melancholy lyrical themes of mortality and one's place in the universe are framed in joyous, brash space-pop melodies, forming a veritable collection of long-lost radio hits of eras current and bygone.

Featuring the symphonic pop of first single 'Taurus All Apart', the grandiose pastoral folk of 'This Is Hell' (as featured in ABC TV"s upcoming medical drama Pulse), and the XTC-meets-Kate Bush synth-pop of 'My Apple Lady Cried', I'm Gonna Burn Out Bright - whilst mainly a solo album in the very sense of the word - also features guests from members of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins and GL and Laura Jean. The record is Davey"s bold love letter to great pop music through the ages, making something concurrently universal and completely his own.

Today Davey Lane also shares a video clip for "Taurus All Apart", in Davey words - "a well worn tale of paranoia, misunderstanding and imaginary subterfuge - and the fallout that comes with it. I ham-fistedly hammered out one chord for the verse and another for the chorus and let the bass go for a walk as they say. It"s a fun tune."


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