Dash and D'Bree are Fierce this Melbourne Cabaret Festival

Sassy Red PR | 23-May-2016
The original ridicheads are back. #DashandDBree #Ridicheads
Venue: The Space
Address: Cnr Carlton and Little Chapel Sts, Prahran
Date: 23 "“ 25 June, 2016
Time: Thurs "“ Sat 10:15pm
Ticket: $37 Full, $33 Concession and Grps 6+, $29 Festival Friend Pass Holder
Buy / Ticket: http://www.melbournecabaret.com/dash-and-dbree-fierce
Web: http://dashanddbree.com/
: https://www.facebook.com/DashDBree/?fref=ts
: https://www.youtube.com/user/dashanddbree
EMail: dashanddbree@gmail.com
Photographer credit "“ Shelley Horan Subjects "“ Hayley Butcher (Dash) and Katrina Mroz (D'Bree)
They've studied the Gospel of Tyra Banks, read up on RuPaul, and are prepped to unleash a stack of original songs. Running from 23 to 25 June at The Space in Prahran, Dash and D'Bree join the prestigious ranks of those embroiled in the 2016 Melbourne Cabaret Festival with their new show, Fierce.

If only they could agree on what being fierce actually is.

Dash loves Disney, Taylor Swift, and dieting. She's about keeping it nice, not "real" - being a pelvis thrusting feminist was never on her radar. But thanks to her booty-twerking, drag queen loving, throw your hands up at me BFF D'Bree, she's about to be educated in the ways of the Fierce 21st Century female.

Fast becoming a Melbourne comedy must-see, Dash and D'Bree creators Hayley Butcher and Katrina Mroz met 10 years ago at St Martins Youth Arts Centre and immediately bonded over tales of working the fashion retail floor, as well as their ability to quote Strictly Ballroom word for word.

In 2011, they gained national exposure on popular Network 7 show Australia's Got Talent with Clap Rap; an original song promoting the all important message to "Protect Your Glorybox". Not surprisingly, they advanced to the semi-finals of the series, and performed in front of 2.1 million viewers. They didn't win, but who's counting. They have also produced a Dash and D'Bree webseries which has recently been selected by Melbourne WebFest for a Spotlight screening.

Dash and D'Bree: Fierce marks their first Melbourne Cabaret Festival foray and they're going hard with 3 MEGA SHOWS ONLY of a premiere season, in a 10:15pm timeslot. Perfectly positioned in Prahran to offer up an evening of dinner, show, and Chap Laps. It's Melbourne nightlife at its best. Get some.

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