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Dangerous modern art - beware!

BY BK | 28-Apr-2015
'It's not all Black and White' - a paean to the grey space in-between our certainties. When you look at another person, do you see the color of their skin, or...???
Still from 'It's not all Black and White'
In terms of the genetic data that we spring from, there is an almost imperceptible difference between 'black' and 'white' people. Then of course, we have all those in-between shades of brown, olive, and so-on... BK, a Melbourne-based synesthete and artist has recently released a new excerpt from the up-coming installation work 26 Suicides*. 'It's not all Black and White' is a brief meditation on the notion of race, skin-deepness and what it means to 'see' other people. It is an excerpt from 26 Suicides. Watch it at your peril. * http://vimeopro.com/user15810786/26-suicides