Dancing with the Bard - music and dance from the time of Shakespeare

CarolineK | 19-May-2018
It is with great pleasure that we introduce our Dancing with the Bard programme for the mid year performances of the Courtly Arts Performers Of Victoria on Sunday May 27 in Clayton, and also June 3rd in Brighton.
Venue: Clayton Theatrette, Clayton Community Centre
Address: 9-15 Cooke Street, Clayton, Victoria 3168
Date: Sunday May 27th
Ticket: Adults $20; Concessions $15; Children 15 and under $15
Buy / Ticket: http://bit.ly/BookDancingBard1
Web: https://www.courtlyarts.com/about-us/
: https://www.facebook.com/ripponlearenaissancedancers/
EMail: events@courtlyarts.com
Call: 0400 671 174
Performing music and dance from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods in history. For this performance we highlight music and dance from the time of Sir William Shakespeare. Music, dance, song and spoken word from the Time of the Bard. @ripponlearenaissancedancers

The dance types selected for this performance are those which Shakespeare specifically mentions in his plays such as: the Coranto (Courante), Galliard, Canary, Jig (Jegge), Brawl (Branle) and Measure. These dances demonstrate the breadth of dance types popular during in the Renaissance era. You will also hear music from composers of Shakespeare's time.

The performances are in costume appropriate to the historical era as are the musical instruments which accompany the performance.

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