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Dance with De Vil

BY MGM | 02-Jun-2014
There’s a new evil queen in town. Dance with De Vil will play Hayes Theatre Co as part of the Cabaret Season 2014fromJuly 10- July 12 2014.
Venue: Hayes Theatre Co
Address: 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point NSW 2011
Date: 10th July - 12th July
Time: 8.30 PM
Ticket: $30
Buy / Ticket: www.hayestheatre.com.au or phone 02 8065 7337

Dance with De Vil, a collaboration between Sydney based comedian Jared Jekyll and emerging cabaret artist Brendan Hay, best known as Australia's Got Talent's Valère, delves into the delicate tale of the damaging effect of being the only descendant of infamous socialite and fashionista, Cruella de Vil. The story revolves around Hay’s new alter ego, Cruello, and the mystery surrounding his sudden and somewhat unexpected re-emergence into society. High Fashion meets Fetish, Cabaret meets Glam Club Kids. Be prepared for many a song, many a dance, full musical accompaniment and perhaps even an interview with the Queen of Fur and Mother herself… “I bought a coat. THE Cruella de Vil coat. I saw it in this little designer boutique in Melbourne and that is where it all began… Once I had the coat, the creative juices just started to flow. I instantly began designing and styling myself a look for a “male Cruella” which then evolved into Cruello,” said Brendan Hay. Brendan created his first cabaret character, Valère, at 17 and went on to undertake a Music degree at the Australian Institute of Music.

He staged two successful cabaret shows before appearing on Australia’s Got Talent where he wowed judges Geri Halliwell and Dawn French with his foppish, 17th Century, Molière inspired stage persona in stunning outfits designed by Academy Award winning costume designer Tim Chappel. Featuring songs from a variety of genres, including Hey Big Spender, Colours of The Wind, Tainted Love and The Fear. Brendan Hay’s persona as the playboy son of Cruella de Vil is quite extraordinary. Stage Whispers The writing is clever and well-paced, and the performance a rich mix of outrageous humour and haunting beauty. Sydney Arts Guide Dance with De Vil, a little bit hilarious, a little bit twisted and maybe just a little bit touching. Definitely a character to look out for. Aussie Theatre Valère(Brendan Hay)is just a breath of fresh air. This is the point of entertainment, sometimes you just want to be taken somewhere else. Thank God someone is just doing it, it’s fun, and it’s full of flair Geri Halliwell