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BY Show off Services | 22-Jul-2013
There is something deeply appealing about a band whose writhing, smirking, scuzzed-up tunes are served up with dauntless authenticity. In image, sound, and presentation, Melbourne’s very own Damn Terran are every bit the indomitable post-punk trio they’ve been made out to be. A dexterous blend of proto-garage rock and heavy-hearted introspect, Damn Terran’s latest single ‘Lost’ is taken from the band’s much anticipated debut self- titled LP due for release in September, 2013.

Listen to "Lost"

Damn Terran is a band that is particularly adept at the art of potent and commanding live performance. Comprised of guitarist/ vocalist Lachlan Ewbank, bassist/vocalist Ali Edmonds (Ali E, Heavy Beach, Little Athletics), and drummer Leigh Ewbank, it is the trio's vice-tight musicianship and relentless onstage energy that has earned them coveted support slots with the likes of Children Collide, Die! Die! Die!, and DZ Deathrays. Damn Terran's ardent dismissal of a "play-it-safe" approach to music making has them winning a loyal following, both locally and around Australia. Awash with brazen, unapologetic attitude, Damn Terran's live set is truly a sight to behold.

Much like preceding singles 'Rebels' and 'Pills', 'Lost' is an enticingly brash and audacious track that leaves no grit- laden leaf unturned. Each constituent part is as exhilarating and well-constructed as the next; inebriating guitar riffs, grounded by Edmonds' driving bass work, lay the foundations for aN impressive juxtaposition of male/female vocal hooks. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of 'Lost', however, is that this track exemplifies Damn Terran's sheer mastery of melding the indestructible 'slacker' appeal of groups such as Pavement, Superchunk, and Neutral Milk Hotel with the raw punch and cutthroat energy of Fugazi, Future of the Left, and local powerhouse outfit Ouch My Face. Though Damn Terran are first and foremost a live band, 'Lost' is an undeniably pleasing snapshot of the band's vehement live set.

As a band, Damn Terran certainly make no compromises. Here is an outfit whose gutsy recordings fit perfectly within the context of their formidable live performances. Top it all off with some seriously impressive musicality and you have the recipe for one hell of a band.

Recorded with Nao Anzai, Damn Terran's forthcoming self-titled debut LP is set for release on 20 September with a national tour to commence soon after on 4 October, 2013.