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Daleside, an exhibition by Cyprien Clément-Delmas & Lindokuhle Sobekwa

BY Rubis Mécénat | 06-Jan-2021
As part of the PhotoSaintGermain festival, Rubis Mécénat presents “Daleside”, a commission to French photographer Cyprien Clément-Delmas and South African photographer, Magnum Photos Associate and Of Soul and Joy alumni Lindokuhle Sobekwa. The photographic commission documents Daleside, an Afrikaner suburb in the south-east of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Venue: Rubis-Mécénat hors-les-murs
Address: 12 rue Guénégaud, 75006, Paris, France
Date: 7 - 23 January
Time: Open Tuesday through Saturday, from 11am to 7pm
Ticket: Free entry
Web: https://photosaintgermain.com/editions/2020/parcours/rubis-mecenat-hors-les-murs
Lindokuhle Sobekwa
Daleside, 2015-2020
Courtesy of the artist and Rubis Mécénat / Magnum Photos,
Over the course of five years, the two photographers have produced a portrait of Daleside, interacting with the place and its population of mostly mine workers and smallholders to express their aspirations and to reveal their distress. Looking beyond the deep-seated black/white binary, they depict the poverty afflicting black and white residents alike as forgotten members of society, stuck in a dead-end without a future. These images, set in counterpoint to present a portrait of Daleside, form a dense body of work and their impact is apparent when they are read in pairs or individually.

“The families that stay in Daleside are mostly the one that can’t go anywhere else. They can’t escape from this place. Daleside’s people dream about a better life or a different life. But, reality wake them up all the time. They are static dreamers, stuck in this town, in their lives and in their social class.”

Cyprien Clément-Delmas
Young photographer Lindokuhle Sobekwa was mentored by Cyprien Clément-Delmas as part of the Rubis Mécénat Of Soul and Joy project in Thokoza, South Africa. He is now a Magnum Photos Associate.

Of Soul and Joy
A platform to learn photography in South Africa

Of Soul and Joy is a long-term social art initiative initiated in 2012 by the endowment fund Rubis Mécénat in Thokoza, a township in the southeast of Johannesburg in South Africa. Its goal is to develop artistic skills in the field of photography amongst the township’s vulnerable youth, by providing an understanding of photography as a means of expression, in order to open-up new personal and professional horizons.

As a creative platform, Of Soul and Joy offers weekly workshops led by renowned photographers, collaborations with cultural institutions, encounters with art professionals, and organises artistic events in Africa and abroad.

Every year, the most promising students are awarded scholarships to pursue their studies in photography at the university of their choice, such as the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg.

Today, the programme attracts emerging photographers coming from the various townships surrounding Johannesburg, thus expanding its action.