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Crowdfunding workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide!

BY Pozible | 24-Jul-2014
We've been going super local lately with The Edits series that have already launched in Sydney and Brisbane and the events keep on keeping on! Our upcoming Crowdfunding Workshops will take place in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide! @pozible #pozible

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and community-building tool for creative projects and ideas. It was developed to help people raise funds, realise their aspirations and make great things possible.

Crowdfunding with Pozible is a way for motivated makers to access funding beyond 'official' channels by talking directly to switched-on consumers, fans, peers and like-minded strangers.

Whether you're a part-time photographer, aspiring illustrator, avant-garde kazoo virtuoso or app-developing wizard, you can host your project on Pozible.