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Crowdfunders in their 80s are teaching us how its done - Father Bob Sings for a Million

BY Pozible | 23-Apr-2014
70 & 80 somethings showing us how it's done online! If you think that the Internet is the domain of Generation Y then think again: these 70 & 80 somethings are turning to crowdfunding on Pozible to show us that they know their way around the net. They can crowdfund, host Google Hangouts and get more retweets than many younger users!
He raps, he tweets, he co-hosts a radio show and now the 79 year old retired Catholic Priest is crowdfunding on Pozible to raise $50k for The Father Bob Maguire Foundation to provide food assistance, housing and education to less fortunate members of the community. His campaign 'Father Bob Sings for a Million' launched under a week ago and has already raised more than $13k. As part of his campaign he will record a compilation of tracks, as requested by the community. He is taking song requests via the twitter hashtag #songsforbob. So far, requests include Madonna's Like a Virgin, The Easybeat's Friday on My Mind, Jay Z's 99 Problems and many more.