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Critically acclaimed Australian band Artefact to play debut gig in spectacular multimedia stage show

BY Katherine Stevenson | 21-Apr-2015
Following the critical acclaim of their first album No Safe Place, Sydney band Artefact have announced they will play their first ever live gig in a spectacular multimedia stage show at Leichhardt Town Hall on June 5. #artefactofficial

The debut performance will see Artefact’s six multi-instrumentalists switch between electronics, keyboards, bass, piano, guitar and a wide range of percussion instruments while performing the record’s huge vocal arrangements live. They are also set to incorporate custom designed digital projection mapping which will not only synchronise with the unique dramatic shifts of the music but also utilise the distinctive architectural and historical features of the venue.

“It is a completely magnificent room and we’re putting a lot of work into doing something a little different with it,” says Jim Flanagan, the primary songwriter, arranger and front-man of Artefact.

“We decided very early on that we wanted to try something new and fun with the staging, “ Jim says, pointing to influences as wide as Fever Ray and Peter Gabriel to Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus as hints to where the Artefact live show will be heading. “We have a nice box of tricks but we are putting a lot of work into ensuring we pace the show in a satisfying and dramatic way for its duration.”

This will be the first time Artefact perform live, after Jim and bandmate Chrissy Flanagan (no relation) recorded the album with session musicians under the watchful eye of celebrated Australian producer Stu Hunter last year. Artefact have been described as an uncategorisable mix of late period

Talk Talk, ‘Pet Sounds’ era Beach Boys, baroque pop and subtle electronica. The release of No Safe Place got the critics talking, with John Shand of the Sydney Morning Herald describing it as “a magic carpet ride” of sound and Radio National Music Editor Tim Ritchie declaring it a “wonderful project”.

The performance on June 5 features as part of the Leichhardt Municipal Council’s ‘Site and Sound Festival’, held in Leichhardt Town Hall from April – June. Artefact’s performance will feature extraordinary projection mapping designed by young multimedia artist Laura Turner with staging by Sydney based theatre director Michael Pigott. **

“If a magic carpet made a sound when it flew it might be this.” - The Sydney Morning Herald