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Cowra to host Australian theatre premiere

BY Emma Millward - Public Relations | 15-Jul-2014
Don’t humiliate yourself by being captured alive. These powerful words form the undercurrent of the renowned Japanese production, Honchos Meeting in Cowra which will hold its Australian premiere in the NSW county town of Cowra next month as part of the 70th Anniversary Commemorations of the Cowra Prisoner of War (POW) Breakout.
Date: Premiere in Cowra on Friday 1 August 2014
Web: www.cowracouncil.com.au
Call: (02) 6342 4333

Presented by the Rinkogun Theatre Company of Japan, the play will be performed in both Japanese and English, with English subtitles and five Australian actors alongside the Japanese cast.

In a recent article in The Japan Times, the play's writer and director, Yoji Sakate, 52 — who founded Tokyo-based Rinkogun in 1983 — explained his aim for this most recent production.

"The former director of Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art saw our play in Japan in March 2013 and suggested we should do it over there — and he recommended several top Australian actors to work with us. That struck me as a great idea because it would give us a chance to engage with Australian people about the Cowra breakout," he said.

Honchos Meeting in Cowra depicts the relaxed camp life prior to what was the biggest prison break of World War II where Japanese prisoners of war resolved to mount a suicidal charge in a bid to fulfil the Imperial Military Regulation requiring them to die rather than be captured. Sakate has also added a fictional story about female students from present-day Fukushima Prefecture visiting Australia to research what happened in order to make a film about it.

The play will premiere in Cowra on Friday 1 August 2014 at 8pm, followed by a matinee performance on Saturday 2 August before going on tour to Canberra and Sydney.

Tickets for the Cowra performances are available from the Cowra Tourism Visitor Information Centre; tel (02) 6342 4333.

The 70th Anniversary Commemorations will extend over five days from the 1-5 August 2014.