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Covers | The Automation

BY Higher Plains | 11-Oct-2013
It takes experience, big ideas, and determination to produce something that truly nails your attention. And you know it’s special when it seems so effortless: a sound as crisp as it
is alluring, the lovechild of grungy 1960s krautrock, and the shoegaze-fuelled electropop we’ve come to crave from the likes of M83, Caribou, and School of Seven Bells.

The purveyors of this curious brew are Covers, an ensemble bringing enviable class and fearlessness to the burgeoning Melbourne music scene.

Covers have surfaced with 'The Automation', a gritty track which basks in the glory of 80s dance era throwback whilst maintaining a distinct sonic tenacity not unlike cult heroes Yo La Tengo, Blonde Redhead, and Washed Out. While many of their electro- influenced contemporaries work with discrete, sectioned units of sound, Covers have instead crafted a gutsy rendition of the traditional 'song': top-notch concept, melody, and structure combined in a single offering with rich instrumentation and a bevy of well-produced sounds. It's a tantalising and rewarding listen.

'The Automation' is a sign of great things to come for Covers. One can only imagine the calibre of live show that the musicians behind a track so authentic and gratifying would produce.

But for now, it's all about the sound: www.soundcloud.com/covers-band