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Courage: The art of William Eicholtz

BY Creative cowboy films | 16-Apr-2015
A new film about the work of William Eicholtz. This is a truly rare and wonderful opportunity to watch a sculpture emerge from clay sculpted by William’s hand, through the stages of the casting foundry and then to fabrication and installation. There is teamwork here as the process of creating Courage brings together a diverse group of people and skills.
William Eicholtz is an artist who has taken figurative art from its traditional lineage, reforming and placing it firmly in current artistic dialogue. The male nude figure is a central theme throughout William’s work with the sculpture Courage the most recent of a series of distinguished and award winning works of art. As the sculpture Courage now stands next to the Fitzroy Town Hall it proclaims the right of all members of Yarra’s community to be listened to, to be safe, and to be accepted. In a contemporary community we do not want to accept the idea of exclusion but to provide the means for minorities to express themselves because this leads to greater tolerance and understanding.