Cosmic Filigrees

Published by: Mauricio Paz Viola | 19-Jul-2016
Cosmic Filigrees is a project that connects us to imaginary worlds in parallel universes, as well as to other planes and dimensions, stars, sacred geometry, and the creation of matter through ether explosions"¦Visually composed of surrealist, dreamlike, metaphysical and abstract images, Cosmic Filigrees seem to stretch infinitely from one to another. The series is created with mixed techniques on many types of surfaces "“ canvas, cardboard paper "“ with spray paint, acrylic, pastels, as well as digitalized creations.
Cosmic Filigrees is a project that I resumed recently after a 12-year hiatus. In the series, I work on the same concepts and ideas that have always interested me, such as spirituality, parallel worlds, stars, life under the sea, deep-sea creatures living in hostile environments, among other elements. I have, however, introduced new concepts into the series, such as futurism, virtual reality, quantic reality, new technology, artificial intelligence, imaginary worlds, otherworldly beings, and many others.

The advancement of new technologies based on global human knowledge brings about mental, cognitive and extra-sensorial development, and the development of our fourth, fifth and nth brain. Fire, the wheel, steam engines, electricity and Internet and many other inventions and knowledge have transformed our lives in significant ways. New concepts have led to new realities and new ways of perceiving the self, and new perspectives to interpret all knowledge acquired throughout universal history, connecting it to future realities, other planes and dimensions. For this to happen on a personal level, it is necessary to create one's own quantic reality to interpret one's own world, with its own forms and laws.

Although people seem to be separate and independent from each other, we are all connected to the same patterns within universal intelligence (the operative system of the mind of the universes, or "God") that governs the entire Cosmos. Our bodies are a part of the Universal Body, and our mind, a part of the Universal Mind. Time only exists as eternity "“ a Quantified Eternity, while temporality is divided into periods or fragments by us humans, into what we call days, hours, minutes and seconds. Linear time, as we know it, is only a reflection of our way of perceiving events or changes as we are trapped in our limited sensorial systems. Cosmic Filigrees are thin and subtle threads that connect time and space, linking the finite to the infinite. These divine filigrees connect us to our vast universe, so beautiful, so big, so small, linking us to a universal network that breathes, lives and feels.

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