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BY Emma Wiking - remedymusic.com.au | 21-Nov-2012
Sometimes life gets in the way …. 2011 saw Cordrazine release the long awaited sophomore album ‘Always Coming Down’, a full decade after their debut album ‘From Here to Wherever’. But as quickly as they reappeared, the band disappeared again after only three (count them, THREE) live performances.
Venue: The Northcote Social Club
Date: Thursday December 20th
Time: Doors open at 8.00pm
Ticket: Tickets $20 + booking fee Or $25 on the door (if available)
Buy / Ticket: www.northcotesocialclub.com
Web: www.rubberrecords.com

Ten years before, when on the cusp of greatness, the original line-up dissolved immediately after the release of their top 10 debut album. This time around, the disappearing act was just as swift and perhaps a little similar.

Cordrazine has always been anchored around Hamish Cowan, a troubled singer-songwriter with that unbelievable voice. When Hamish suffers, so does the band’s career. In February 2011 Cordrazine completed an exceptional video for the title track from ‘Always Coming Down’, helmed by Cordrazine’s guitar playing auteur Nick Batterham. Shot on a chilly day in a cold suburban swimming pool, giving Hamish a severe cold in the process. The problem was, by the time it came around to the scheduled release, Hamish had gone AWOL. Again.

So what’s Hamish been up to since then? He’s been through a distressing work accident, a marriage breakup, escaped to Europe, taken a job as a lifeguard at a Bulgarian summer camp, undertaken numerous triathlons (his latest obsession) and occasionally dipped back to Australia, but otherwise he has relocated to Edinburgh.

Coinciding with a brief return visit to these shores by Mr Cowan, Cordrazine will play a strictly one off show. And that’s also provided the perfect excuse to finally release the almost lost video for ‘Always Coming Down’.

If you have any inkling of the majesty of Cordrazine in full flight, you will try and get to their only show of the last two years, and most likely their only show for some time to come.