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Copyright Agency manages the Resale Royalty scheme

BY Copyright Agency Communications | 02-Apr-2014
Copyright Agency is appointed by the Australian Government to manage the Resale Royalty Scheme for artists, which began in June 2010.

Here are the latest statistics about the scheme:

Since its start on 9 June 2010 until 9 February 2014, the scheme has generated royalties:

  • Totalling more than $2.28 million
  • From more than 8,000 resales
  • For more than 820 artists
  • Lowest royalty $50
  • Highest royalty $55,000
  • Most royalties have been between $50 and $500

Other facts:

  • Over 65% of the artists receiving royalties are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander artists and they have received 50% of the total royalties generated
  • Of the 50 artists who have received most money under the scheme, 26 are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Most artists have received one or two royalty payments, but some have received multiple payments
  • While there were costs associated with establishment of the scheme, particularly in systems set-up, education and awareness activities, the royalties generated for artists already exceeds the funding provided by Government for implementation of the scheme.

A review of the scheme was conducted by the Australian Government in 2013 but the final report has not been released as yet.