Published by: JOYDIP SENGUPTA | 10-May-2018
You are cordially invited to "CONUNDRUM" An exhibition of recent works by JOYDIP SENGUPTA. Mr. Craig L. Hall Counsel General of the United States of America and Mrs. Meeryung Hall have kindly consented to inaugurate the show on 18th May 2018 at 6 pm. On view : 19 May "“ 16 June, 2018 #gangesart
Venue: Ganges Art Gallery
Address: 33A, Jatin Das Road, Kolkata 700029, INDIA
Date: 18th May 2018
Time: PM
The ideas for my work are derived from the interconnectedness of humanity with other life forms and matter. In the theory of evolution I understand that all living entities have derived from a singular origin. This concept gives me the scope to explore images by combining different forms and project these notions of association. In the placement of imagery I like to combine organic forms along with structural elements to create contrast and to show how humanity has intervened in the natural world.

I rely on a combination of accidents and chance encounters with form and imagery to build up the narration. A certain space triggers a certain response, which is dependent on drawings, painted imagery, elevated surfaces, shapes and abstraction. There is an element of ambiguity in the image making process as the pictorial elements begin to inhabit a common viewpoint. I am interested in creating mystery by tweaking reality and deriving an altered sense of perception of the familiar and the unfamiliar, infusing them together and creating a distinct reality that represents the world we live in but also transcends it.

The exhibits will have a number of works on paper, canvas and three dimensional pieces. The mediums explored include Gouache, Water colours, Mixed Media on paper, Acrylic and sculptural pieces which are made from a variety of materials that include, plaster, wood, bronze, steel, plastic and paper mache. In the mixed media works on paper I have used a variety of materials that include found objects, beads, glitter, cardboard and tissue paper.

I tend to shuttle between the purity of mediums and on the other interchange, add and transform them with different materials. This process can be seen when I work with water colours and gouache on paper I tend to stick to a single medium to build up the surface of the paintings. But when I go into exploring mixed media I do not have limits as to the materials I incorporate in the painting process. Both the processes are important to my explorations as an artist.

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