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BY Higher Plains | 30-May-2014
Melbourne's Contrast are releasing their second EP Less Than Zero today. Following their eponymous opening single ‘Pipe Dreams’ which was reminiscent of fellow local acts Lowtide, Day Ravies and the Laurels, the debut Less Than Zero EP sees the band commit to the sound that won them fans the first time around.

Self-described as “a coupla blokes who like skateboarding and local music,” their new single is aptly titled ‘Less Than Zero.’ Blending noisy post-punk and late eighties shoegaze tunes, Contrast site the likes of The Church, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Slowdive as some of their musical influences.

Contrast have quickly garnered a music following in Melbourne after James Thomson and bass player Nathan Brown got together in early 2012. On the look out for another member, stars aligned when their old skateboarding mate, Jack Crook, moved back to Melbourne.