Constructing Fantastical Worlds: An evening of fashion & photography

Published by: Australian Design Centre | 5-Feb-2018
Fashion designer Alexi Freeman and photographer Jane Burton in conversation with Penny Craswell
Fashion designer Alexi Freeman and photographer Jane Burton in conversation with Penny Craswell In this evening of fashion and photography, fashion designer Alexi Freeman will present a brief overview of his solo practice and a behind the scenes look into the collaborative works he designed and produced with his Future Artefacts collaborator Tessa Blazey. The pair acknowledge many influences for this series of work, ranging from medieval scale armour to art deco and the costume design of Paco Rabbane in the 1968 sci-fi classic, Barbarella. Photographer Jane Burton will present a slideshow of her work, with a particular focus on her influences in film, fantasy and fairy tales. In particular, Jane will discuss the Future Artefacts photography shoot and the variety of landscapes used, chosen for their primeval appearance, their anthropomorphic resonances, or post-apocalyptic aura: places sculpted through volcanic eruption, by wind, and water; structures built by man and then abandoned. After the presentations, moderator Penny Craswell (Creative Strategy Associate at ADC) will lead a discussion about creative influences across the art forms, while also delving into the details of the works in the exhibition. Future Artefacts is an exhibition showing at ADC from 8 Feb - 24 March, that brings together fashion designer Alexi Freeman, contemporary jeweller Tessa Blazey, and photographic artist Jane Burton in a collaborative project that is conceptually underpinned by a fascination with science fiction, archaeology and intricate craftsmanship. Cost: Free event, bookings preferred. Link to Tickets:

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