Conda! Conda!! Conda!!!

Published by: Dreamboat Productions | 9-Aug-2017
One man's search for local adulation continues.... In order to put pressure on the Conda judges in Newcastle, Dreamboat Productions in association with Mc Theatre and Say No To Golf are bringing the 17 Conda award (self nominated) show to Melbourne.
Venue: Wesley Ann
Address: 250 High St Northcote, 3070
Date: 29th September 2017
Time: 8pm
Ticket: $20 full fare, $10 concession, Unemployed buy one ticket get two free
Buy / Ticket:
Call: 431444505
Q. "How do you get art credibility in Newcastle?"
A. Move to Melbourne.

Newcastle based comedy genius Matthew McFarlane brings his hit show to Melbourne.

"Conda!Conda!!Conda!!!" is a cabaret style show, written & produced for the sole purpose of winning 17 CONDAS (CITY OF NEWCASTLE THEATRE AWARDS).

In order to put pressure on the judges at home, Matthew has come to woo Melbourne with his hilarious story-telling, dramatic scenes (featuring co-stars Jacqueline 'Flame' Kimbell and Mark 'baby face' Bailey) plus captivating original songs with house band The Flaming Balls of Fury.

This show was nominated 'Fringe Worthy' by 3 out of 4 Conda judges"¦.

Supporting and likely to blow away any memory of the show will be a powerful dirty blues rock set from Smokey ex Hailin"& The Flaming Balls of Fury, fronted by Matthew McFarlane and featuring Jason Winn on lead guitar, Mark Bailey on keys and bass, Flame Kimbell on vocals, theremin and tambourine and Melbourne legends David Major on drums and Jonny Clow on guitar. This psychedelic blues experience is destined to fill this dance floor with pelvic gyrations, sensual shimmering and reckless abandon.

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