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Complex Life | Catherine Hearse & Glenn Murray

BY fortyfivedownstairs | 29-May-2019
Complex Life brings together the work of two friends and artists, Catherine Hearse and Glenn Murray.
Venue: fortyfivedownstairs
Address: 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Date: 04/06/2019 - 15/06/2019
Time: Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday 11am-3pm
Ticket: Free
Web: https://www.fortyfivedownstairs.com/wp2016/event/complex-life/
: www.facebook.com/fortyfivedownstairs
: www.twitter.com/fortyfive_ds
: www.instagram.com/fortyfivedownstairs
EMail: info@fortyfivedownstairs.com
Call: 0396629966
Complex Life - Catherine Hearse and Glenn Murray
Catherine Hearse, 2019
Both artists use their artistic processes to explore the idea of interdependence and their positions in the world, in a physical, environmental and emotional sense.

“Through my work I attempt to evoke a sense of oneness with the natural world, something that is lost in urban life wherein undomesticated animals are seen as invaders, and we rarely touch other life forms except to eat them. My works share concerns about our relationship with the biosphere, whether destructive, enthralled or compassionate. We are united by our interdependence and similarities, so many of the pieces are human/plant or human/animal composites.” – Catherine Hearse

“My primary starting point is that of interdependence. A place where whether we realise it, or not everything, is interconnected and no one element can operate in isolation. It is like a web of connectivity.

As humans it is a constant balancing act to maintain our position and we are constantly prone to over-reach. In my work I try to make sense of my own balance and connectivity with the physical world and with the emotions that accompany this process.” – Glenn Murray