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Completely Improvised Potter at Melbourne Fringe Festival

BY Soothplayers | 22-Aug-2019
Still playing the lottery for Cursed Child tickets? Completely Improvised Potter is a hilarious night out for Potter fans (and for far fewer galleons!). Every show is conjured up on the spot, with a new Potter book made each night. Limited season only at the Festival Hub. Find us @improvisedpotter and get on the Express! (Hot tip: join Dumbledore's Army on our website for cheaper tickets)
Completely Improvised Potter at Melbourne Fringe Festival
Credit Mark Gambino
We solemnly swear that we are up to no good as we improvise new Harry Potter adventures before your very eyes. Using a suggestion from the audience of what could've been the title of a Harry Potter book, but wasn't, Completely Improvised Potter will show you a year at Hogwarts like you’ve never seen it before!

More magical than Merlin and funnier than a trip to Zonko’s, Completely Improvised Potter features some of the finest improvisers Melbourne has to offer. The show is completely unrehearsed, unplanned and made up completely on the spot!

Completely Improvised Potter sells out show after show and with only four shows this festival, you best book before they disappear!

'Whether you’re a Potter-head or just in for some disarmingly brilliant comedy, you’re destined to find Completely Improvised Potter Siriusly magical.' ★★★★★ – Beat

'As unpredictable and funny as it is unscripted.' The Guardian

'Absolute comedic perfection.' Weekend Notes

'Seriously hilarious.' Sometimes Melbourne

'Hilarious.' The Age