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COLOURS OF VENICE by Kristine Ballard

BY Mickie | 12-Jan-2018
Kristine Ballard's Venetian artwork series, join us for art and food! This special day event will feature Kristine Ballard’s Venetian series along with Venetian Themed Afternoon Tea, Cicchetti Style. Hosted by ArtSHINE owners Vinh Van Lam and Stuart Horrex along with foods by Yuga kitchens.
This special day event will feature Kristine Ballard’s Venetian series. The paintings that will be on display are created by her signature style, Fragmatism. Ballard has perfected her style in the deconstruction of reality into a new way of seeing. She captures the viewer with the use of dynamic design in the compositions and colours. In 2007 Ballard went full time as a fine artist with the help of coaching from ArtSHINE. Ballard has exhibitions internationally and nationally and will be attending Surtex in May with ArtSHINE in New York.

Feel free to contact ArtSHINE Galleries online for more information on how to be involved. ArtSHIINE represents artists and will be going to Surtex.

Email: gallery@artshine.com.au

*** Arrive early to enjoy a complimentary glass of Italian champagne cocktail (Aperol Spritz), and a small selection of Cicchetti (Venetian inspired ‘tapas’, appetisers, & finger foods) from the Yuga kitchens. (Works will be up from the 6 - 28th) RSVP below and buy tickets for this special event on 17th of February