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COLOURIVSION by Judi Singleton & Peter Ferguson

BY Kylie Greer | 01-Nov-2012
Colourvision is a vibrant and colourful exhibition by artistic collaborators and co-founders of the now infamous Roar Studios, Peter Ferguson and Judi Singleton.
Address: 8 Martin St, St Kilda
Date: opening Saturday 17 November
Time: 3-5pm
Ticket: free
Web: http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/2012/jspf/index.htm
: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brightspace/167445903316773
EMail: kylie@brightspace.com.au
Call: 03 9593 9366
Carved Ceramics by Judi Singleton

Colourvision descibes our path to the plastic arts. Colour enhances emotion through image. Peter & Judi. I generally reject refined techniques to create an image working more on intution and spontanaity. this takes me back to the origins of Roar philosophy. Peter. With this new work I have focused on the subject of plants and trees as symbols of change and growth. With gesture and colour I wish to create a modern piece. Judi. Starting their careers in the eighties Peter Ferguson is an expressionist painter and stained glass designer while Judi Singleton is an expressionist painter and ceramicist.

Both highly acclaimed contemporary artists, their distinctive naïve style combines a riot of childlike human figures, birds, trees and buildings, bound in incredibly bright colours. Each canvas and ceramic piece has a rich life of its own, and is totally engaging in its charming complexity. Their works simply express the joys of life! The appeal of Peter's work is reflected in the many successful exhibitions he has held at Roar Studios, William Mora Galleries, Coventry Gallery, BRIGHTSPACE, and many others.

His paintings are held in collections at the National Gallery of Australia, Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Sir William Dobell Foundation, Sydney among others. Singleton is represented at the National Gallery of Australia, Artbank, Parliament House and also in many private Australian collections. Judi won the Shepparton Art Gallery Ceramics Prize in 1991 and 1992 and the Sorrento Religious Art Prize in 2000.