Colourful connection during residency at Norseman District High School

Published by: Kayla MacGillivray | 23-Feb-2024
Storytelling explored through sculpture, photography, film in AWESOME residency
Colourful connection during residency at Norseman District High School
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In Term 4 of 2023, AWESOME artists Leith Alexander and Sally Stoneman visited Norseman District High School, on Ngadju Country to explore sculpture, photography and film. Students worked with simple materials like clay, plaster, paint, and cardboard, crafting everything from small animals to plaster masks and even creating large cardboard houses and building structures.

Some students chose to focus on storytelling through photography, filming and sound creation, mixing sculpture and media together by capturing their peers with masks and footage of the landscape to project onto the building structures.

The final celebration showcased the young artists’ individual creations alongside a film installation of the colourful town buildings and the landscape projections. The celebration was attended by family, school staff and community members.

Creative Challenge is AWESOME Arts’ core education program that embeds contemporary teaching artists in schools across the state. The residency program aims to build pride in community and explore self-expression through project management and creative learning skills.

This residency was proudly supported by Horizon Power and Healthway and the Go for 2 & 5 message.

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