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Colour City Creatives Frost Fest Exhibition

BY Joy Engelman | 16-Jul-2012
Four times a year and coinciding with local festivals, the artists throw open the doors of the Barracks Galleries and Studios to the public and you are invited in to smell the oil paint, explore the studio spaces, be inspired by the exhibitions and demonstrations as the individual artists talk to you about their arts practice; what inspires them, why they chose to 'do art', what materials they use, what seduces their minds into action! You are invited to come into this mostly private place and share in their guarded secrets and experience the art first hand with the artist themselves to explain the driving forces and inspiration behind the works. Or you can come along to their opening night party and celebrate the arts with good food, fine wine and laughter. Everyone is welcome at the Barracks! Opening Night Party: Friday 3 August at 7 pm
Venue: The Barracks - East Fork
Address: Peisley Street, Orange NSW 2800
Date: 4 - 12 August 2012
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm daily
Ticket: Free
Web: http://cccartspace.blogspot.com.au/
: https://www.facebook.com/#!/ColourCityCreatives
EMail: publicity@colourcitycreatives.com
Call: 0427618953
The Barracks - now revamped into 15 working artist studios and 2 art galleries!

Passionate about art! Football, meat pies or the stock market drives some people! Others can run fast, swim well, ski down slope, but for others, the sheer joy of putting paint on canvas is the driving force behind their life.

Colour City Creatives Inc is an artists' collective of over 20 artists whose passion for the arts drives their lives. We won't tell you their names, you will need to come and find out first hand for yourself just which artists are involved but we can assure you the artists range from young and emerging, newly established through to some who are highly recognised! Established 12 months ago right here in the heart of Orange, the Colour City, this hard working and inspired group of artists run events, exhibitions, parties and just generally get together for a good time all in the name of art.

Their studios, 15 working artist spaces and 2 galleries are located at the Railway Barracks at the south end of Peisley Street just over the railway line below the bridge. On many days, one can find one or many working away on their latest art pieces in this grand building which is steeped in history and located within the railway precinct. It is a private and land locked site that suits the pursuit of art well and each studio has a peaceful feel about it that is conducive to inspired work. Intriguingly, each of the artists and their associate members has their own style for this is a group of individuals brought together by a passion and a love of art.