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Collector Spotlight – 2017

BY ReDot Fine Art Gallery | 22-Dec-2016
To start off the new year and to coincide with Art Week and Art Stage, we are presenting a selection of works worthy of any collectors’ collection, encouraging fresh and new discussions as we embark on another year of curated “windows” into the development of modern Australian artistic trends and themes. It will highlight new works by upcoming and highly collectable Australian artist Aaron Kinnane, in what will be a “small” teaser to his first ever solo show in Singapore in October 2017. Works by iconic figures in the Indigenous world will also be showcased, including Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Naata Nungurrayi, Wingu Tinguma, Harry Tjutjuna and more. #IndigenousArt #AboriginalArt #AustralianArt #ContemporaryArt #ReDotFineArtGallery
Venue: ReDot Fine Art Gallery
Address: 140 Hill Street, Old Hill Street Police Station #01-08, Singapore 179369
Date: Monday 2 January to Saturday 4 February 2017
Time: ReDot Fine Art Gallery is open daily 12pm - 7pm
Web: http://www.redotgallery.com/current_exhibition.php?id=172
: https://www.facebook.com/ReDotFineArtGallery/
: https://instagram.com/redotfineartgallery/
: https://twitter.com/ReDotFineArt
EMail: info@redotgallery.com
Call: (+65) 62221039
Kuru Ala by Wingu TINGIMA, 109 x 142cm, Acrylic on Canvas (Code: NKUWT04268). Photo Courtesy of ReDot Fine Art Gallery, Tjungu Palya Arts
ReDot Fine Art Gallery opens its 2017 exhibition schedule with an exciting collection of new works by upcoming and highly collectable Australian artist Aaron Kinnane, in what will be a “small” teaser to his first ever solo show in Singapore in October 2017. In conjunction with the art celebration surrounding Art Stage 2017 during the course of January, this showcase is combined with a regular changing hang of collectable Australian contemporary art for collectors and art aficionados alike.

Collector Spotlight – 2017 is a collection of 12 new oil paintings on canvas by Aaron and a rotating salon hang of over 30 additional works from some of Australia’s most accomplished and renowned artistic talents both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

The exhibition will herald a merging of opposing Australian art forms, opening up a dialogue about the interconnectivity of modern Australia and its more fragile Indigenous heritage via the usage of mediums ranging from acrylic and oil on canvas, wooden artefacts, bronze and steel sculptures and even reclaimed environmental materials all blending harmoniously into one collectors paradise.

In Aaron’s own words, he “engages with painting in its purest form to perpetuate his effervescent vision of the natural world. Visceral layers of paint form sublime and atmospheric landscapes that are at once sullen and savage, bleak and beautiful, heavy, desolate and wildly alive. The resulting aesthetic equilibrium spawns a purification that pushes the viewer beyond a physical and visual appreciation of the works into a metaphysical meditation.”

The salon exhibition begins on Monday 2 January and runs until Saturday 4 February 2017. It will highlight several key recent and past works, exciting new initiatives that the Gallery will be involved in throughout the year, which range from first ever exhibitions for several new artists who have become part of our widening stable of artists over the last 18 months and a museum show in the summer of 2017.