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Coalesce Ari comes to Alternating Current Art Space

BY Kate Wallace | 10-Aug-2016
RMIT art collective Coalesce Ari brings together the work of 22 artists in 'Belong in'. Curated by Leanne Waterhouse, this latest collaboration explores what impact our connection to place has in shaping our cultural, physical, social and spiritual identities. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street Windsor VIC Australia 3181
Date: 12 August - 3 September
Time: Wed- Fri 3- 8pm & Sat-Sun 11-3pm
Ticket: Free
Web: www.alternatingcurrentartspace.com
: https://www.facebook.com/alternatingcurrentartspace/
: twitter.com/alternatingcurrentartspace
Call: 03 9525 2459
Amber Daly 2016 'AS' colour photographic print
Opening Friday 12 August at 6pm, Alternating Current Art Space is proud to present the opening of Belong In by Coalesce ARI.

Formed in 2010, Coalesce ARI is a Melbourne based arts collective comprised of students and alumni from the RMIT MFA program. Serving as a platform for the display and promotion of emerging artists in alternate sites, Coalesce looks to support creative risk via dialogue and active collaboration.

Stemming from this, Belong In explores the need to establish strong relationships to our surrounds- the tangible and intangible environments that inform both identity and place. As the artists of Coalesce show, such connections are established through the act of creating and living in such places. Curated by Leanne Waterhouse, 22 artists investigate the importance of space, each seeking to reconcile how ‘place and identity can be linked physically, mentally, culturally and spiritually.’ The construction of place and its subsequent impact in shaping who we are will be explored in this multi disciplinary exhibition.

Taking part in this group exhibition, participating artists include:

Stephanie Kinstler, Garry Moore, Jude Worters, Liz Simpson, Louise Gresswell, Sarah Austin, Amanda Page, Simon Crosbie, Pie Bolton, Domas Rukas, Amber Daly, Cameron Cope, Jo Persson, Chen Hsu, Caroline McGrath, Djurdjica Kesic, Kat Teede, T J Bateson, Zeljko Radic, Lesley Walsh, Paul Eves and Leanne Waterhouse.

Proudly supported by RMIT Link Arts and Culture, Belong In runs from 12 August- 3 September.

Alternating Current Art Space is located at 248 High Street in Windsor. We are open Wednesday to Friday 3-8pm and on the Weekend 11-3pm.