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Clowns, Cannons, Diets, Bus Trips and Bodily Fluids among Short+Sweet Week 2 treats

BY Geoff Sirmai, Short+Sweet PR | 31-Dec-2012
There’s no shortage of tears and laughter in week 2 of Short+Sweet from 16 to 22 January. And Week One (from Wed 9 January) is almost upon us! It features checkout operators, deceit, an emergency exit in a relationship, an unexpected encounter in a school principal’s office and a wrongly accused handyman. Even more exciting – the first week at King Street Theatre, Newtown features a multi-award-winning play from Short+Sweet Chennai, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur plus winners from Short+Sweet Dubbo and Broken Hill!
Venue: Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney
Ticket: Tickets are $33/$28 conc (Wild Cards $30/27)
Web: www.shortandsweet.org/sydney

The eleven 10-minute plays run Wed to Sat at 8pm plus Sun 5.15. Full releases for both Week 1 and Week 2 are attached...

Featured in the 2nd week of the Top 80 series is Diet Dilemma by Vee Valnar. Michael (played by Kunal Sharma) is starving. His wife Maddie (Amanda Porter) throws out all the food before he gets a chance to eat it. Will she ever learn how to be ‘in the moment’ and relax? Jacque Vickers directs this award-winning play from Crash Test Drama.

Bus Trip by Kathryn Yuen is another play from Crash Test Drama, originally winning its heat and best actress awards when directed by Alicia Gonzalez. When she was unable to direct it for the finals, she asked Alison Albany to step in… and it swept the prizes! Best Actress, Best Director and Best Play. “A woman’s first bus trip turns out to be a lot more eventful than she expected!” Michela Carattini reprises her award-winning performance under Alison’s direction.

Waiting by Kylie Rackham is directed by Heidi Lupprian in her Sydney swansong before moving to Melbourne to study opera and human rights. Two lonely people (played by Challito Browne and Sandra Campbell) are drawn together by their love of music. But can their bond remain or will life get in the way?

Award-winning Dubbo writer Jodi Cramond presents Disposable, directed by Rachel Chant. “It’s a long way up. Life in the Lost and Found office of Central Railway station wasn’t conducive to rational thought.”

A Burning Ambition by Cerise de Gelder tells of a modern day Joan of Arc. Her friends Sophie and Paul must try and talk her out of what appears to be a suicide mission. Henrietta Stathopoulos directs 16 yo Emma Webb, Gabriella Florek and Callum Oxford (all students of St Andrews, Marayong) in a production by Western Sydney youth theatre Captivate Drama Ensemble.

In this week’s Wildcards series (Sat 3pm, Sun 1pm and Mon at 8pm) Suzy Wilds directs Bodily Fluids - her own warmly funny play about love, life and sex starring Susan Turner and Liz Coote. A supermarket shopper has something unusual and surprising in her shopping bags. A play with a message from a writer whose ‘other life’ is as a sexual health nurse…

How about Cannons? by US writer David Vazdauskas sees Tchaikovsky struggling to compose his latest masterpiece when he’s interrupted by his little brother… Sierra Phillips directs Lewis Scamozzi & Bevan Wiles.

Extra Special by Mudgee writer Sam Paine was a winner at the recent Dubbo Short+Sweet. Directed by Heather Rushton, it stars the writer along with Josh Hayward, Jacqueline Ellis and Scott Etherington – all from the Mudgee Performing Arts Society – their first ever performance in Sydney! “An anxious man takes his girlfriend to a restaurant for an extra special night out, but his carefully-made plans for the evening – which include a diamond ring – slowly unravel into total disaster.”

Finally, Blue Mountains writer/producer Bryan Cutts performs in his own one-hander Clown, directed by Carole Kelly. It’s an absurdist piece featuring a clown, a wheelchair and a telephone. Gotta be there!!

Other Top 80 plays this week include Cramond’s Short+Sweet Dubbo winner 2 Count (Lisa Eismen directing) Cerise de Gelder’s A Burning Ambition, Richard & Rod by A Patrick Nilan, Sandy Maestro’s Shockhold Syndrome, Sally Davies’ Snapped, Alex Dremann’s Spit for Tat and Dan Borengasser’s Gospel According to Bowser.

The full program of works for Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2013 is at www.shortandsweet.org/sydney

Tickets are $33/$28 conc (Wild Cards $30/27) . Bookings www.shortandsweet.org/sydney or 0423 082 015