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Clay Intersections

BY Australian Design Centre | 07-Nov-2019
Clay Intersections presents the work of eight contemporary makers who take a range of innovative approaches to making and working with clay
Venue: Australian Design Centre
Address: 101-115 William Street (Corner of Palmer and William Street)
Date: Thursday 21 Nov – 8 January 2019
Time: 11am - 4pm
Ticket: Free
Web: https://australiandesigncentre.com/clay-intersections/
: https://www.facebook.com/australiandesigncentre
: https://www.instagram.com/australiandesigncentre/
: https://www.linkedin.com/in/australiandesigncentre/?ppe=1
: https://twitter.com/AusDesignCentre
EMail: hello@australiandesigncentre.com
Call: 0293614555
Clay Intersections
Image: Bridget Bodenham, Bowls, 2015. Photo: Kara Rosenlund
Clay Intersections presents the work of Bridget Bodenham, Cone 11’s Colin Hopkins & Ilona Topolcsanyi, Helen Earl, Kenji Uranishi, Natalie Rosin, Tania Rollond and Ulrica Trulsson.

It explores varied approaches to making and working with clay and its sculptural and functional qualities, the intersection of ideas, aesthetics, skills and knowledge, of form and function, art and nature, making and selling, mastery and experimentation.

All the artists in the exhibition draw their inspiration from the built or natural environment. A recurring theme in conversation with the artists was their love for the transformational properties of clay – the way it moves from being plastic and malleable, to leather hard and dry, then fired into permanence, carrying the maker’s mark through time.