Claudia Terstappen: A Language of the Vanishing Exhibition: 28 September "“ 6 November

Published by: La Trobe University VAC Bendigo | 10-Sep-2016
The photographs in this exhibition speak for all the animals "“ both native and not "“ who have vanished without comment as a result of human activity. All welcome to the launch at 2pm Saturday 8th October
Venue: La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre
Address: 121 View Street Bendigo Vic 3550
Date: 20 July "“ 14 August 2016
Call: 03 5441 8724
'A Language of the Vanishing' presents a series of photographs of dead animals, killed by passing cars in the Australian bush. Claudia Terstappen photographs the creatures where they lie - flattened, bloodied and limbs askew. The emergent images bear witness to the terrifying beauty of death and the power of the photograph to arrest what is small and fleeting. Magnified and still, these photographs document the vanishing species, allowing the viewer to examine them in a way they never could in life.

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