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Classical goes Casual - Ensemble Offspring Sizzle

BY Janine Marshman | 18-Mar-2015
One of our most loved annual events, Sizzle is classical music without the formal wear–a place to relax and enjoy new sounds, from art music to pop music and everything in between. This all-ages event kicks off with John Cage’s famous Musicircus. Choose your own musical adventure as you wander through an array of solo and duo performances staged around Marrickville’s Red Rattler Theatre. Treat yourself to one-on-one Beauty Box performances backstage, don headphones to experience crazy keyboard tunes, interact with our performers upstairs and have your original artworks performed live. Grab a sausage sizzle* and settle into a comfy armchair for some genre-hopping musical fun, featuring music from Erik Griswold, and our very special guests 10 Guitar Project as well as the vocals of Jess Green teaming up with our own gorgeous drummer Bree van Reyk. @ens_offspring
Venue: Red Rattler Theatre Marrickville
Address: 6 Faversham St, Marrickville NSW
Date: 29 March 2015
Time: 3pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: http://ensembleoffspring.com/the-music/upcoming-shows/sizzle-4/
: https://www.facebook.com/events/1555132814774126/
Ensemble Offspring Sizzle. Photography by Chris Frape.
Presented by Ensemble Offspring, Sydney’s champions of innovative new music, Sizzle is classical music without the formal wear–a place to relax and enjoy music, from art music to pop music and everything in between. Now in it’s fifth year, Sizzle is happening on Sunday the 29th March at Marrickville’s Red Rattler Theatre as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now presented by ANZ. Sizzle was originally created to break down the divide between audiences and performers, the arty and the popular, letting audiences experience music on their terms, in spaces more traditionally linked to pop and rock music, and relaxed afternoons with friends and family. According to co-Artistic Director Claire Edwardes “Typically our Sizzle audience covers excited toddlers, bearded hipsters, parents looking for a family outing with a twist - and sprinkled amongst them our regular Ensemble Offspring fans - it’s crazy but somehow it works a treat!” 

This free, all-ages event will kick off with John Cage’s Musicircus, where audiences can choose their own musical adventure, wandering through performances staged around the converted warehouse of the Red Rattler. Leading avant-garde composer, writer and avid mushroom-lover, John Cage has been a major influence on music from Paul McCartney to Radiohead. Musicircus sees a number of performers in a space performing simultaneously. Cage said of Musicircus, ‘You won’t hear anything: you’ll hear everything.’ At Sizzle, audiences will experience duo and solo performances, sometimes in surprising locations. 

They might be treated to a one-on-one Beauty Box performance backstage, don headphones to hear crazy keyboard tunes or have their original artworks performed live. Following Musicircus, audiences can grab a sausage sizzle (with options for vegan and more traditional sausage sizzle lovers) and settle into a couch for a range of musical fare. 10 electric guitars and a drummer unite for the 10 Guitar Project, bringing together some of the most well known guitarists in Sydney’s jazz scene. Vocalist Jess Green teams up with Ensemble Offspring’s drummer Bree Van Reyk, who can also regularly be seen on stage with artists such as Paul Kelly and Holly Throsby. 

The musicians from Ensemble Offspring, who can be found working in musical settings as varied as the Sydney Symphony and Play School, will get together for some musical fun in Action Music, described as “…cartoon music for tomorrow, snappy fragments and synced up time slices of humour…” (RealTime Arts 2013).